You Can Do This

I’m sitting here looking back on my life, and I can’t help but remember the fact that someone once told me that I would not live to see the age of 25. I guess I proved them wrong because I am still breathing, walking and talking. I could have taken the words that they said and applied them to my life, but I decided to KEEP GOING and told myself “YOU CAN DO THIS”.

Some people might not like me or any of the things that I have done in over 4 decades, but “I CAN DO THIS” and have done this through it all.

I can do this even though I hurt people, including myself
I can do this even though some people believe that my past is my present
I can do this even though some folks intentionally try to hurt me just because I am me
I can do this even though I struggle

No one knows my entire story besides me and my Higher Power, but there are many people that see me standing today even when I don’t feel like I have the strength. YOU CAN DO THE SAME!!!


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