Words Matter (Yes, I talk to myself! Part 7) by Lemons and Lavender

Words Matter

We have to step up and be the person to encourage ourselves. The one that pushes us to be more, do more, and not quit. What we feed ourselves, we do eat! So let’s be more aware of how we talk to ourselves and what we actually say.

I have to admit that I have many occasions even now when I catch myself be unkind to me. This has to stop and I take it minute by minute paying attention to what I am saying in my inner dialogue.

If you would not accept someone else speaking to you in a way that sounds like bullying or anything else unkind, why would you do it to you? Why put yourself down? The things that you say to yourself…would you say that to someone you love? Then why say it to yourself?

We need to pay attention to what we say. Not just to others, also what we say to ourselves. If we can do nothing else…we can be kind….

Lemons and Lavender
Seeing Growth

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