Women on The Path: Moving Mountains One Teaspoon At A Time by Jeanette Jaycei Collins

These mountains of mine are huge. Father I’ve prayed over and over that you would remove it from me but still it remains, looming, threatening. Must I move it myself? I don’t think I can handle such a task. There’s much to be done and so little time. Yet I am determined. Whether I’m weary or not, in season or out, I must begin moving my mountains even if it’s only a teaspoonful at a time.

Lord, help me to face each problem head on within your will. When fires and hot parching winds surround me, remind me YOU are here. When fierce storms assault me, help me dig in my heels and hang onto YOUR WORD. When I ‘m forced to plod through sinful murk and mud, I ask YOU to cleanse me with YOUR PURE, sweet living water. Lighten my step that I don’t get bogged down in such things.

When evil seeks to devour me I seek protection with your HOLY ARMOR. When others criticize me and self righteously smirk at my mountains, I may feel crushed and defeated. Lift me up then, I pray. Help me hold my head high and go on. For I am YOUR child… the child of a KING!!!

When life’s heavy tress and rocks fall on and about me. I shall not fear, for YOU are helping, guiding all the way. At times I may ask, “Why me Lord? Why must I move these mountains and carry this tress, my cross? I ‘m too weak!!” Please help me. Please love me, I trust YOU, For These Mountains Shall Be Moved and I Praise You for the victories to come!!!!

I pray this prayer for myself and for others that may be dealing with their own mountain experience …. Have a Blessed Day

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