Who Am I by Emmanuel Brown

Who am I, flash backs
The records scratched
Trying to keep composure with feelings that are unattached
Understood by all, but known by few
To the untrue
A mistake
To the undue
It goes back to the days of the grammar
To bang
That hammer
The range
To the slammer
Too many questions
But not enough answers
Days of productive sessions
Adding to the social cancers
Is that really me
Can I really see
Beyond the nose of that brougham
To a place that I could feel at home
But where is that, I’m a follower of lost kingdoms
Sad songs, I’ll sing them
Sacked lunches I’ll bring them
Where am I at, on a fence that has 2 sides
2 separate rides
A black man with 2 brides
Am I a cheater? You should check what I just said
Read what you just read
Who am I? Owner of the mind that you were just lead

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