What’s The Purpose? by Emmanuel Brown

Not getting the results that we would like to see, the outcome we prefer, and doing things for no personal pleasure or growth has us asking the question: What’s the purpose? The purpose is for us to share the things that we receive. If all we do is expect to get things for our actions, we soon run out of space to receive the blessings that we seek.

We must learn to be appreciative and to show gratitude for the moments and things that we have. Gratitude is not just a “feel good” emotion it is actually a grateful action that we take to show appreciation for our blessings. Being grateful benefits us and the people around us, because of the positive impact that gratitude has on life.

Gratitude can be looked at as a virtue, character strength, or a deeply appreciative attitude for kindnesses or benefits received. At times a person experiences a warm sense of appreciation toward a person who performs a generous or desired kind act, appreciation and goodwill are expressed toward the person who performed the desired act, and the person to whom gratitude is expressed acts positively and/or appreciatively toward the person expressing gratitude.

There are more than enough things to feel grateful towards and far too many blessings to count, but we soon begin to see our purpose when we try to acknowledge each and every one. Blessings are not just personal fortunes, they are people who are dear to us, and moments that bring us fortunes that are not financial.

Sometimes we become more grateful when we see people who are less fortunate than ourselves. We might see someone without a home of their own and we realize that one of our purposes is to provide shelter for us and our loved ones. We might see someone that has lost a loved and we realize that another purpose is to protect those we love. We might see someone who has no food and we realize that another purpose is to provide nourishment for us and our loved ones.

Sometimes we have to see what others don’t have to understand what the purpose is.

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Emmanuel Brown
Each One Reach One
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