What About The Children by Angel Ayes

I wonder what will become of the children
when the parents are children too
repeating this cycle of being welfare recipients
and uneducated too
and so instead of witnessing an increase of graduating blacks
a decrease is on the steady rise
and so the upward spiral in crime and number of jails built
should come to no surprise
Then I see all the ones falling in the cracks
kicked out of school, misunderstood, and educational credits they lack
and seems the enemy is continuously firing at us his attacks
Who is praying to God unceasingly to snatch our children back
My heart goes out to each one
as I deal with them on a day to day
trying new tactics and giving life lessons
as I touch each one and pray
I know God hears and he knows and he sees
the tears I shed inside
Who will be that strong black role model
and teach our kids to have pride
They are learning from the television screen
those videos and gangsta’s rhyme
cause either parents are neglectful or steadily working
not giving up any time
just talking to the children I learn so much
they have many brilliant things to express
most times its through the conversations
that I understand that child best
and I am able to touch their hearts
and respect I can then earn
In getting to know each child’s pain
we can help work through it and learn
how to deal with frustration
how to deal with life’s situation
how to cope with this unfair nation
and gain a descent education
But no one will ever know
the struggle of each boy and girl
If time is not given and understanding is not gained
they will be so lost in this world.

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