Turning Her Back On Negativity by Gena Storm

Dedicated to my cousin Yvette and inspired by her picture…


*turning her back on negativity*

I saw this pic

instantly I knew what to do with it

noticing the comments about my

kinfolks butt

led me to believe people thought

despite her caption

it was some kinda joke

attention seeking perhaps

due to some moral relapse

made me head scratch

Vette ain’t even the type

don’t believe the hype

get yo mind right

a big booty

never equates stupid

she’s tired


like me and many others


life’s gotten awful in a hurry

people judge in a flurry

I heard your cry


and I picked up my pen

to write a wrong yet again

keep that negativity in the rear my dear

I got your back

plus I’m always here…

end piece

Gena Storm 6-16-2016©

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