Today It Rained But It Also Poured

Today it rained, but it also poured.

I woke up early today with butterflies in my stomach. I was scared even though I knew that I to stay strong for the occasion.

I guess the rain made matters worse and the silence that I drove in had my mind a little bit of everywhere besides where I was at the moment. I had to realize that the strength that I show has weak points, even though there are not many that will ever see those weaknesses.

Anyway, I found myself sitting in my truck alone watching the rain fall when this truck decided that it wanted to cut on and off on its own even after I took the key out of the ignition. Once again, I had to stay strong because I was alone in the truck, but I wasn’t the only person depending on this truck to function properly.

I did something really strange and I am not sure why I did it. I got on Facebook and sent 2 messages. The first person that I sent a message to was someone that saw me come of age in the streets when they were still in grammar school. The second person was a Pastor in a church that a 40-year friend is the head pastor of. The first person was too far to help me, but the pastor told me to call him directly. When I called him, he said he was going to get dressed and come to help me. Yeah, he put on some clothes to come and help a man that was in a bind even though we had no idea what problems we could be facing with this truck.

In the meantime, I did something else that was strange. I took a picture that had the caption “Just thinking…… What’s next for Mr Brown?”  Don’t ask me why, but I did and waited on the pastor to arrive while I continued trying to figure out this truck…… with my non-mechanical ass!

I played with the truck with non-mechanical ass and finally got it to stop cutting on and off, but now it would not start and I heard a clicking noise that had me cursing like an Italian mobster.

The pastor had no clue what I was driving, but he pulled up and found a parking space that was probably 1 or 2 spaces left on the block and probably within a square half a mile. What’s crazy is that the parking spot was directly across the street from me and he got out to approach me with a bag in his hand.

I couldn’t do anything but smile when he handed me the bag. He said that he wanted me to have the black Nike boots along with the black and blue SG (Seeing Growth) hat that I had left in his van probably about a year prior to today. He told me that he would bring them to me the last time I saw him, even though I didn’t ask.

So after that exchange took place, I grabbed the jumper cables from the back of the truck to see if it would start…….NOTHING! Now I wasn’t cursing anymore, because I was praying like most people do when they need some help. My prayer was answered when he said that he some heavy duty jumper cables in his truck and hooked those up to the car. Then BOOM…. The truck started.

There was one thing that I did not mention above and that was that I said thank you, I want to repay you for your help. He said that I am welcome and that the only payment that he would accept is a prayer.


Here is your prayer Pastor Burnett

1 Thessalonians 5:18
give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

“Today I stand thankful, humbled and full of faith because of the Salvation that came my way from a man of God and the Grace that God gave me even though I leaned on my own understanding.

I want to thank God for his blessing and I want to pray that God blesses the man that helped me without accepting any material gifts. I pray that God protects this man, preserves his strength, keeps his health and expands his ministry so that he can help others to help others.

I have faith that my words will be heard and that this man will be blessed in ways that he never imagined.

Thank you God and thank you, Pastor Burnett.


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