Threads of Life by Emmanuel Brown

Standing strongly behind our beliefs, what we feel is right and the things we put effort into doing is something that we should feel good about being able to do. The dedication that we put forth when we endure trying times is sometimes so amazing that we have to ask our self, how did we make it through the situation? It is easy to be pulled in so many directions that we feel like we are being pulled apart at the seams, but we somehow keep it all together and continue to stand strong in the face of adversity.

Family, friends, and well-wishers pull us into directions and areas of our mental state that we are not comfortable in because it’s in our best interest. They sometimes force us into corners because they love us and other times they help us with things that we should be handling on our own. Are we really being helped, being hindered, or being ripped apart slowly but steadily? Only the person in the mirror really knows if the creases in the face are from laughter or days of crying.

We must be able to look the person in the mirror directly in their eyes, accept the ups and downs of his/her life, and realize that we can not be strong for anyone if we can not be strong for the person in the mirror. Although we might appear to have the strength of 10 men and women combined, we might actually feel as fragile as a newborn baby. No one will ever know that these feelings exist unless we realize they exist and express them to the people who are helping to pull our stability apart.

There are some people and things that pull at our strength that are not really connected to us emotionally, if we continue to be pulled by the people that we seek strength from we might allow them to pull themselves out of our lives.

Family and friends are important, keep those fibers tight.

Emmanuel Brown
Seeing Growth
Each One Reach One

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