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We would be living in a world full of silence if children didn’t believe that the sounds coming from their mouths made sense and that they could communicate with others by using these sounds to get their point across. What’s even more amazing is that these same children believed that they could communicate even further by learning to understand the sounds that come from other children and adults. I’m glad we all believed enough in ourselves and expected enough from ourselves to be able to communicate through message.

When we expect something to happen it usually does happen because we believe in it so much that we take steps towards the outcome that we envision. Our thoughts and actions could lead us to greatness, but they could also lead us in a destructive cycle. The choice is ours. Will we take a path that leads us to nowhere or will believe that there is a better path and expect the rewards for traveling down this path?

Nothing is possible unless we believe that it is possible. Even though there are obstacles, there are also paths to the glory that we will never see if we keep focusing on what has gone or can go wrong. We might fail occasionally, but so what?! We can either put it in our thoughts that we will continue to fail and (or) struggle, or we can learn from the time that we missed our mark and believe that we will prevail.

We create our future with our beliefs. Maybe we can learn a lesson from those babies that we once were, the babies that kept stumbling and falling because they believed that they would one day be adults able to communicate and move forward.

Take a step and believe that it will take you forward.

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