The Trade by Da Accordionistical

Once again on this journey of life
I am awaking for a point
Hovering above outside the jukebox joint

No one seems to notice me
This is good I can move
Amongst them so quietly
For you can’t touch what you can’t see

As I made my move feet not touching a thing
Drawn in by this voice which starts to sing
Not just an ordinary song
A bell strikes. Ding dong ding dong
Time is short for someone
Who knows not what they have done?
I must continue on

Lighting flashing through the sky
Someone just so happen to see me
Right at that moment and catch my eye

How could this be no one knows I am near
I listen for the heartbeat of you
This tells me what I must do
For we are in sync

You are my eyes my ears hear you long after you are gone
I am not a stalker I just watch over you to assure your safe arrival home
This is my task I have swear to uphold
As I stand in the rain feeling the cold

At some point, you were my love
Which I took for granted
Now I bear the cuss of suffering endless pain
On this planet

Only to see you from a distance
If I get to close you will feel my pain and I yours
This will kill you right before me
Hopelessly I can do nothing but cry
Shaking my head asking my father why

Pulled from your side on the 12th at 12 noon
If I ever seen you again it couldn’t be too soon
Until this moment in time
Asking my self at some point your heart was mines
What could have gone so wrong?
I thought I was the man you adore
Instead I made you feel like a cheap whore
Again lighting flashes bring me
Back to reality
That was then this is now
I am a shell of my self without you
So I ask father please guide my shaft as I let it fly through the air
May it be swift and painless striking it upon the ground
Which crack and shook right up to your feet
With a flash of lightning and roar of thunder
My bloodstain handprint found behind making them all wonder
For u see I couldn’t do it no longer will I do the bidding of the wicked
I reclaim my salvation at the ultimate price
I sacrifice my very own life…
With a flash of lighting and of course something mystical
Out of the smoke and flashing lighting came …Accordionistical

©all rights copy-protected 2011 ® Crow Crow ™

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