The Epitome of a Black Woman by Soulful Expressions by Bren

The Epitome of a Black Woman *QUEEN*
The sun accentuates the glowing Earth Tone of a Black Woman.
She radiates with pride and truth;
You can see it…You can feel it;
With every step of her graceful stride.
She brings hope to many; for she is the backbone.
Feeding your mind with the goodness,
Keeping your soul fed, so you are never hungry.
When you are hungry, she is there to nurture you.
Her love is not selective, for she is love.
She embraces all with the beauty of her essence.
She is a Mighty Woman holding it down in her Queendom
A Soldier,
A Black Woman!
Never letting anyone encumber or suppress her.
She is persistent by nature.
With each trial and tribulation she encounters,
Only strengthens and elevates her.
She is inspiration to her sisters, and to her brothers;
Availing them to become all they can be.
She is LOVE
She is a beaming ray of light,
Shining bright for all to see.
She holds the key to her own happiness.
She is a Black Woman pervaded with brilliancy.
At times a Black Woman may fall,
Only to rise again,
Stronger and more powerful than before.
You cannot hold a Black Woman down.
The wonders behind a Black Woman?
She will ALWAYS rise.
There is a legacy behind the Black Woman…
I AM the Epitome of a Black Woman…I AM a QUEEN.

©2005-bl This is Bren
All Rights Reserved

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