The Big Picture by Emmanuel Brown

Our “Big Picture” of life might be big, beautiful, and unique; but we always have to remember that it is only a small part of a bigger masterpiece. In other words, our life is part of something bigger than ourselves, because others effect us and we effect others. Our Big Picture is no less important than anyone else’s but it will mean much more to us than it will mean to someone else. We have to keep this in mind when we feel like someone is only thinking of themselves. Maybe they are just focusing on their “Big Picture” and can’t see our “Big Picture” clearly.

Our “Big Picture” might be taking care of our beautiful family, making sure that they are safe and secure. Someone else’s “Big Picture” might be doing the same for their own family and they might look at the security of our family as secondary to the security of their own. This doesn’t make them a bad person, in some cases, it’s just that our “Big Picture” is not as big to them.

By understanding that other people see things differently than we do and that their personal lives do not completely revolve around ours, we can begin to see that there is always a time in life when we have to depend on ourselves to make the right decision for us. There is nothing wrong with taking care of ourselves, as long as we are not doing so at someone else’s expense. Personal gain is one thing, but intentionally harming someone is wrong no matter how you look at it.

Although it’s almost impossible to have the exact same big picture, we should try to combine aspects of ”Our Big Picture” with others as much as possible to make everyone’s “Big Picture” a little brighter.

Share your “Big Picture” today, it might grow into something bigger.

Much Love From Emmanuel Brown
Seeing Growth

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