I’m starting today with a Prayer.
Heavenly Father Bless the person reading this message Give them the Wisdom and the Strength they need today for what is to come.
Show them that they are not alone in whatever decision it is for them to make.
Guide them on the right path and give them the ability they need to make a new start.
Cover them with the Blood for Protection and show them that no matter what they are Loved Unconditionally.
Let this be the Beginning of a new start in their Life!
We Love You and Give you The Praise Our Heavenly Father As We Touch And Agree So It Shall Be in Jesus Name (Amen)…

Joy, If you are searching for someone or something outside you to make you happy, it’s time to shift your attention inward. You may be discontented with what is happening or not happening in your life—but your life’s circumstances can not define your Happiness. Joy is always within you. Sometimes What you need is to give yourself permission to experience joy.

The Joy of Spirit can be as much a part of you as your heart and soul. You should have joy in knowing the spirit of God is always present, and you can carry this with you every moment of the day. You should not be waiting for something to happen to you or for you. Your joy is already complete in Spirit.

As you forgive, you free yourself to experience Happiness, Prosperity, and Peace. When you choose to forgive, you hold the key to your Spiritual Growth and Abundant Living. As you forgive, you will open the door to a greater understanding of divine goodness and love. You should release the hurt, anger, disappointment, and resentment, once that is done then you will receive freedom, happiness, prosperity, and peace.

To forgive, you should say this Prayer: “Thank you, God, for revealing what needs to be forgiven. You guide me to the liberation of my soul. You lift my consciousness and heal my life. You help me know and practice true forgiveness. I give up feelings that weigh me down and block my good. Amen”

As you free yourself, you will experience true healing and restoration.

Much Love and Many Blessings to you.
Enjoy your day filled with Joy In the spirit!
Shepherdess Ash..

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