Taking Your Time by Emmanuel Brown

We sometimes miss the smallest things in life by moving too fast. We miss the true beauty of things, small details, and important parts of the meaning of things when we move too fast. Slowing down helps us keep track, focus, and relieves the pressure of a “hurry, hurry, hurry lifestyle.”

By rushing we miss things like the way our children, loved ones, and peers are growing. By slowing down our life just a little, we can notice things like our little girls turning into young ladies or our little boys turning into young men. These are times in life that will not be repeated and our children need us there for these moments. These slight changes might not only be limited to our children, they could be small changes in the health of our loved ones (changes that might need to be noticed at an early stage), or changes in relationships that might be altering things from the way you know them. Although we sometimes say that time is against us, people and things that are important to us are well worth a moment or two.

Small details can be overlooked when we are working against time. Things like cramming for tests, racing to meet a deadline, or trying to finish something small to get something bigger can cause small but noticeable issues. Mixing up facts, missing the point, not being able to check your work thoroughly, or just doing things correctly are only small side effects for rushing.

There are times that things are not said, times when things are said in ways that are not clear, and times that things said can be taken in more than one way. We only get one dimension of things when we don’t pay the necessary attention to them. It is important for us to thoroughly look at things and sometimes get the opinion of someone else before we move on.

Rushing through life makes us miss things like the quiet beauty of an early morning, the small things that are done for us out of love, and days of our lives that we can not get back.

Take your time and enjoy life.

Emmanuel Brown
Seeing Growth
Each One Reach One

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