STOP Judging Folks You Don’t Know! by Angie Marie

I’m often misunderstood because of my blunt delivery, my honesty, and my directness.

I didn’t get stuff sugarcoated for me growing up, and I remember being told the world won’t sugarcoat ish for you so I’m not! So, I’m not really versed in toning down my directness. I am trying though.

I can understand the delivery part, but I don’t get why folks who claim to want “real” and the “truth” get upset when you give it to them???

BUT what annoys me the most about this MOST people who don’t understand me don’t try to, yet they judge, gossip and think they know me.

I am always friendly to others, but if it’s one-sided I stop. God blessed me with some great friends from high school, the Army and other walks of life, so I’m not lacking in that area.

All this to say STOP judging folks you don’t know!

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