Still Thinking of Years Past by Da Accordionistical

Well here I am with pen in hand at last
Looking back at years past
I can remember how things was and how they are
Thinking to my self how did I make it this far
Slight distortions coming across my face
Looking back at how things were so out of place
It’s funny how life comes at you with a turn and a twist
Wondering how you have escaped a near fatal mis
On the run from ones on fate
Afraid to stand still and wait
Got to keep moving time is catching up fast
How much longer can you run from your own past?
For it’s the past we learn and the future we try to deviate
It is there that I wait
I see you coming far away in the distance
Batter wounded and tortured from the wind
Here I stand beforth you unvoiced
Waiting for you to make the right choice
Turning the pages of life to the next chapter
Are you ready to begin?
Trying to figure out who is really your true friend
Haven’t got a dime yet waste on this time
Thoughts so heavy a lot of sh** on your mind
Problem on top of problem with no end in sight
So much to do makes you want to just take flight
Better yet maybe you should just stand and fight
What difference does it make blood will still be shed
Man oh man hope it isn’t someone I know that end up dead
Wait yes it is its me in order to make some alteration
Have to understand the situation
Making choices without hesitation
Only leads to quick annihilation
Feelings annoyed and void its time for eradication
Asking your self why are you so mad
Haven’t we all done something erroneous?
Take a long look at ones own well being
Who am I to be judge by my peers?
When peers don’t share the same tears
Not tears for pain but terrified
Not of me but what they have to hide
Quick to try to strike me with words of regressions
Like I am so quick to reply and fade
While you stand there looking drinking lemonade
Do you feel my pain like I feel your compassion?
If you do then look upon this as your next lesson
I know you think you know it all
Do you really have all the answers?
Do you really think your opinion is all that matters?
Think again you hear that..another should of a heart shatters
Quickly collect the pieces before the ashes blow
Off into the cold sno
Shivers riding up and down your vertebrae
Veins pumping not blood but detestation
No worries I feel your pain
I just have one question …Can you stand the rain?
Yes we all been there more then some
Look around what do you see..noones here just you and me
I am the pain that you try to surpass
(Still thinking of years past)
I know you trying to cope
Sometimes you feel like you falling off your slope
You just want to get up hope
I walk the same path on a every day theme
Trust all isn’t what it seems
Sir sir wake up…I am sorry I was just thinking of years past…slowly putting my pen
down walking away from my task…..yeahhh you can figure out the rest…(2fingers across the lips peace)

Da Accordionistical
Copyright @2020
My pain is not my tomb
Crow Crow

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