Still Blessed by Emmanuel Brown

The year 2018 ended in a way that was fairly odd
I felt resentment, rage and anger; but I let go to let GOD
There were some that struggled with me and even some that shared my pain
Still there were some that didn’t notice on their journey for personal gain
But why should I get mad for not staying in my own lane
Or take things personal for going against my own grain
I thought we were birds of the same feather, but we were peas from 2 different pod
So I guess that’s one of the reasons that I decided to spare the rod

It was in my best interest to accept life and to keep it moving
While you did your unshowing and all of your unproving
I guess you thought your double jump was gonna make me look stupid
But jumps don’t matter in chess so keep your love, Fake Cupid
So sing your silly love song, over and over, then just loop it
And don’t forget to bring your cheerleaders so they can woop, woop, and woop it
I’ll watch and stay entertained while you’re Steppin and supposedly groovin
But keep in mind that I’m Emmanuel not Diedra, Lois or Susan

Throughout all the wrong that was done by the end of the year
You never did get the chance to see Manny Loco shed a tear
Because through it all, My Support had my back
Even though we took personal losses that threw us off track
We were robbed in many ways, but I can say that we still don’t lack
They tried to check my bag and they tried to check my sack
But it was during these times that I heard some things that I needed to hear
Angels in human form said words that eased the fear

So I guess I’m truly blessed that I had to look, listen and learn
That even though they’re throwing fire, I would not feel the burn
For everyone facing struggles that seem too much to bear
Think about those people with kind words that seem to appear from thin air
They didn’t come on accident, remember that life is cold but fair
And no matter what happens to you, make sure you show you that you care
Thanks to every person that showed me some concern
I hope and pray that each one of you get’s everything you yearn

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