Stay On Target by Emmanuel Brown

There are times that people will argue with you to prove that their point is on target, even when their point or target has nothing to do with the conversation. This happens because people miss the point at times and there are even times that people avoid the point altogether. This is something that we all have to learn to deal with, learn to steer clear of, and learn to avoid doing.

When a person is making a point it is not right to have what they have said taken out of context or ignored so that something else becomes the topic. This is just like ignoring a person and should be looked at as a form of disrespect for that person’s opinion. Most people do not like for others to tell them that what they have just said does not matter and they sometimes respond by saying that what others are saying does not matter or they just cut them off.

Many arguments could be avoided if everyone stays on point or if everyone avoids commenting on things that they have nothing to say about.

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Emmanuel Brown
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