Sometimes You Have To Know When To Let Go by Angie Marie

May 3, 2018, would have been my 21st wedding anniversary. I was married 18 years before we divorced. I can’t say that it was all horrible because it wasn’t, I can’t say it was a mistake because it wasn’t, I can’t say a lot of things, but I can say I know with certainty I did what a lot of people won’t do. I took back my happiness and peace when I let go.

For a couple years I was scared to be alone, I was scared of dating again, I was scared of the unknown. I thought I need a man to validate me. I was so wrong.

I had a male friend tell me those kids will be grown and gone and you’ll look back at your life, look over to the other side of the bed, and wonder where did your life go and why you were unhappy for most of it. That was my eye-opener.

So, all this to say. First, marriage should be forever, counseling (individually and together) can and does work miracles, but SOMETIMES you have to know when to let go.

Today we are different people. He is getting married this year (I’m sending a gift), and I wish him happiness, peace, and joy. I one day would like to remarry but until then I am great!!

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