I don’t normally get into relationship topics in my posts since we all have our own opinions and differences in opinion can create something beyond conversation that are called arguments. A good friend of mine once asked me “Why do men ONLY think of sex when it comes to women?” After a few answers to every question in the world besides the one she asked (without even realizing it), I finally gave her my answer. My answer is that men don’t ONLY think of women in a sexual way and that most men actually want someone that can complement their manhood. Her response was that a woman actually wants to compliment her man and be his partner in life, but when a woman shows a man that he can continue to grow the man tends to get defensive. Men and women seem to want the same thing, so what’s the problem? The problem is that everyone involved wants to get their point across and they really don’t hear each other at all.

One of the main issues is that men sometimes tend to feel threatened when people try to correct them. Sometimes women don’t realize that their belief in their man can sometimes be seen as an attack on his manhood or even disbelief in his capabilities. If a woman constantly tells her man that he can do better, the man will constantly feel that what he does is not enough. This can cause a few reactions from the man.

The man can sometimes rebel verbally, mentally or emotionally. This means that there are constant disagreements full of harsh words and feelings that destroy everything that has been built. Is a disagreement worth destroying part of your future? I don’t think it is, but I do think that it is worth taking the time to stop skimming through conversations and actually hearing what it is that your partner is trying to say to you or actually make you feel.

The man can wander off to find someone who is much less demanding and willing to settle for his shortcomings, but I really can’t say that being with someone who is willing to be comfortable with part of you is healthy for anyone involved. What is running going to solve? About the only thing that I can see is that you are able to run away from your struggles and settle for the first thing that puts a band-aid on the bullet wound to your ego. If you are a woman, why would you want to take shots at your man’s ego if you see that it hurts him so bad that he wants to run away? Instead of taking shots, caress the parts of your man that are strong from putting work on a steady and consistent basis.

Sometimes men just withdraw and hold in their feelings, but this can cause stress. Who needs stress? Pressure can break pipes. It’s not the just the pressure from stress that can cause issues, it could be the feeling that he can’t talk to the person who is supposed to be closest to him. I know that women enjoy talking to their men at times, and if the conversations are not verbal wars, the man and the woman can actually get something from it.

Don’t just listen to the sound of your partner’s words, make sure that you HEAR and FEEL the words that come from their mouth. Your better half is worth HEARING and so are you.

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