Self Talk…For Real (Yes, I talk to myself! Part 2) by Lemons and Lavender

Self talk…For Real

You can either produce positive or negative self talk…periodttttt. That negative self talk will tear you down, make you feel less than human. Why would you want to sit around and talk sh*t to yourself? Honestly, when I am talking to myself in a negative tone, it feels like bullying. I wouldn’t let anyone else talk to me like that so why do I tolerate it from myself?

It is a challenge but I take it one day at a time and work on having more positive self talk than negative every day. Honestly, I truly do want to love myself thoroughly. I am determined to be my number one fan!

SO what do I do to make this happen?

When I get up before my feet even touch the ground…I tell myself that the world must need me because here I am showing up again. God showed out again and the devil must be pissed! I have a gift or two and I am a force to be reckoned with….so are you!!! Why not act like it? Have to be our own “hype” man and get ourselves excited about this life. We need to own our HOTNESS!

Lemons and Lavender
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