Satisfaction Guaranteed by Jeanette Jaycei Collins


You’ve probably bought items that guaranteed you’d be satisfied. If you weren’t, the manufacturer promised, you could get your money back. but how many people bought an item, weren’t satisfied, and found the company didn’t live up to that promise? Instead of money, all the customers got were irritating responses or rejection. A promise is only as good as the person or group who makes it. We’ve often found, to our discouragement, that people aren’t what they seem and disappear as soon as they’ve cashed the check or processed the credit card information.

But God isn’t like that. He’s always what He says He is, and He’s gone to great lengths to tell us about Himself. He sent prophets, who wrote pages and pages about Him and His character. He sent His Son to clearly show us what He’s like. Jesus died for us to give a clear picture of how much He wanted to share our love.

Earthly guarantees often don’t give us satisfaction, but when we read His Word and get to know His Son, we quickly comprehend the difference between people’s promises and God’s. His mercy doesn’t fail us or make us miserable. As we accept it and live according to His promises, our joy increases, whatever turn life takes. Even when the rest of the world disappoints us, we can cling to Jesus and be glad to the very end.

Have you experienced God’s mercy and responded to His love? Then your satisfaction is guaranteed. He promises you’ll never be left or forsaken (Hebrews 13:5). Joy in Him will be your portion for the rest of your life.

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