Reflexes by Emmanuel Brown

Reflexes are not always physical, they could be verbal, emotional, or mental. We’ve all had times that we had to ask the questions “Where did that come from?” and “How did we get to this point?” Some of the time it is because of when we automatically respond to things by using our natural reflexes.

Reflexes can be a good thing in some cases but they can also cause us to become angry, upset, disappointed, stressed and/or anxious, down or depressed, worried, or defensive. These feelings and reactions can be difficult to move beyond, and also painful when we are the ones on the receiving end. When people react to us in negative ways we sometimes think that they should have taken their time to think before reacting, and although we might not be able to make anyone stop and think, we can stop and think for ourselves so that we can lead by example.

We have to realize that every action is not taken against us and that we do not have to be on the defensive all of the time. Sometimes other people are simply trying to express their opinions and feelings, but being defensive causes a natural reflex that makes us overlook what they are really trying to share. We have to share ourselves and take the time to enjoy what others are sharing with us.

Take your time.

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Emmanuel Brown
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