Raise your Standards (Yes, I Talk To Myself Part 4) by Lemons and Lavender

Raise your Standards

When I say we hold ourselves to a higher standard, I am not talking about in comparison to someone else. We all know that comparison is a huge thief of joy so let’s not worry about what the next person has achieved (unless we are taking advice on how to be better at what we do because they have been there).

You know what you are capable of becoming and it is time to step out! We all need to take a deep breath and show up for ourselves. Let the world know that it’s about to be on! When we hold ourselves to a high standard, we should change the way we speak to ourselves.

It may sound a little cocky, but understand that you are encouraging yourself and it may take more of a push than a little affirmation. You may be talented enough to do the job, but what about being more than talented enough. What about being more than able, more than confident, more than ready to get the job done?

Lemons and Lavender
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