Quit Playing Games by Emmanuel Brown

There are times and places for all different types of attitudes. Times to joke, times to relax, times slow down, times to give some extra effort, times to get serious, and times to quit playing. We can usually see signs that tell us when we should have certain attitudes, but one of the most important signs to pay attention to is the sign that says “Quit Playing”.

Some people might think of board games, card games, video games, or even sports when the word game is mentioned; but those are not the type of games that this topic is about. Even with those types of games, we have to know when it is time for us to quit playing them also. When the game begins to leave the board and comes into real life, it’s time to quit playing. When you notice that the deck of cards is stacked, it’s time to quit playing. When the adapter on the video game gets extra hot, it’s time to quit playing. When the game becomes unsportsmanlike, it’s time to quit playing.

We can’t and won’t win all of the time, but we have to know when we are losing and accept that loss for what it is. We can’t continue to play after the game is finished, and we can not force others to play our games against their will. When a person says “I quit, stop, it’s over, or my mind is made up” we can not make them feel any other way.

Most of us don’t like when others attempt to play emotional or mental games with us, so why would we choose to play those games with others? We sometimes try to expose people or retaliate against people when they try playing an unwanted or uncalled-for game with us, so it is almost certain that others will do the same to us. All of the emotional, verbal, mental, and sometimes physical reactions that arise when games are being played can all be avoided when games are not being played.

We have no way of knowing what reaction a person will have when they feel like they are being played with against their will, and we should not want to find out.

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Emmanuel Brown
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