Positive Attitude and Willing Heart by Angel Cookie Gray Ash


With a positive attitude and a willing heart, you will experience God’s good. Attitude is everything! Your attitude will influence the course of your life. You have the power to decide—every moment—how to regard the people and situations in your life and which attitude and actions will serve you best moving forward. Within you is the ability to be happy and fulfilled. Knowing this, you can choose to have a happy attitude today and experience life to the fullest. You can choose to be fearless, no matter what you are experiencing. You should look beyond appearances and embrace life with gratitude. You should choose to be optimistic about the future and open to experiencing God’s good in greater measure. Your attitude is everything, for it can help you create a better reality for yourself and others. When you Pray for family and friends, You should not plead with God for positive outcomes. Instead, you should affirm in your heart or aloud that the healing power of Spirit is ever-present, despite appearances.

Resting in the awareness of God, you will be filled with peace. You should trust that God’s almighty power is at work in every situation that you bring to mind. Through your faith-filled affirmative Prayers, You will manifest healing and well-being for others. At times, you may feel alone, confused, or overwhelmed.. You can move through pain knowing you are never truly alone. God is with you always. Whenever you need clarity or guidance, you should turn within and share your heartfelt desires, knowing God hears your words, both spoken and unspoken. Your prayers will allow you to release your cares. You will be supported in any situation that may arise. God is always present to comfort and guide you. Much Love and Many Blessings! Enjoy your day and always remember to Trust GOD in Faith! This Is The Year Of Change Embrace It Or Change It

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