WHEN TRUTH SPEAKS… by Soulful Expressions by Bren

WHEN TRUTH SPEAKS… It will flow fluid throughout your soul With absolute intent Truth can be Beauty In the eyes of the beholder It will cause your subjective thoughts To meld into a cogent whole WHEN TRUTH SPEAKS… It will stir you gently To Listen It will shake you like Thunder To Move To hear Truth One must render themselves objective WHEN TRUTH SPEAKS… It will pose self-examination Revealing the nakedness of what is Yet…

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Contributors on Seeing Growth

  Welcome to Seeing Growth, the website that lives by our motto “Seeing Growth Is Not An Option, It Is Necessary“! Pull up a chair and become familiar with our contributors, who are some of the most talented people around. Our contributors share everything from Arts, Education, Economics, Spirituality, Common Unity, Family, Society, Politics, Relationships, Inspiration, and Motivation. We encourage you to show love to the contributors of the Seeing Growth website by leaving comments,…

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