New Beginnings by Emmanuel Brown

We face new beginnings every day and things will change no matter how much we try to keep them the same. How we handle that change determines if we fit in the new scheme of things by adapting if we have to accept a few bumps and bruises, if we lose something of value, or if we are able to walk away as a bigger person.

Although we might not be able to control the way a change in life effects us, we can always look at any change from the outside looking in if we accept the change as a new beginning that we may or may not be a part of. Just because we were directly involved yesterday does guarantee us involvement in the new way of doing things today or tomorrow. It might be possible to make a slight adjustment to adapt to change, but there is always the possibility that any adjustments that are made are just not going to be enough. Even if we are not able to evolve into what’s new, we can always use our new beginning as a starting point to evolve into something that is greater than what once was.

New beginnings are not always harmless to everyone involved, so we might have to suffer some pain and accept that pain as a part of growing. This does not mean that we should stay in a situation that continuously harms us. We have to accept the initial pain and look at it as a pain that we can not and will not continue to accept. Continuous abuse is never something to be accepted as a part of change, it should be the new beginning in a new direction towards a new change.

We can not hold on to everything forever. Even if we lose something that we truly value in the process of change, we have to gather the things that are so valuable that they could not be taken from us when all else was lost. Things like self-respect, health, and faith will remain in our corner when we lose the so-called valuable things that can be replaced. Money, cars, houses, and even untrue relationships will come and they will go. We might value these things, but we should be able to see their true value if they are not able to accept a slight change or a new beginning.

One of the best things about change is that there is always an opportunity to grow. We have 2 choices:

  1. We can deny that a change exists and continue living in the past
  2. We can accept the change as a new beginning and grow from the experience that we gained from the processes of change.

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