Never Silenced by Gena Storm Spoken Word Freestylist

I’m not shutting up,
I can never be silenced,
making others aware is what I do because I care,
I’m a chronic pain syndrome sufferer,
there is no off day or buffer…
I could easily lose my mind,
pain consumes me most days,
it’s constant but not a friend,
I’m having a rare low pain day,
not taking it for granted in any way,
I’m cautiously doing chores,
eating light,
staying hydrated,
my photosensitivity won’t allow me to be outside in the sun,
I’m content indoors penning new ink,
being able to breathe without asthmatic wheezing,
I’m thankful for this and for every day…
I often meditate,
constantly pray,
do yoga,
take naps and my meds when I have them all,
this battle isn’t easy and my new patient appointment isn’t until later this month,
so, I’ll treat myself gently with a delicate touch,
I bruise easily and very quickly my situation can decline,
I’ll hang on to this little light of mine,
drink coffee in the morning,
wine during the evening,
water all day,
my life is very simple,
I repel drama,
I’m devoted to family,
especially my Mama…
my battle isn’t easy but I’m not seeking sympathy,
not by any means,
I’m a Lupus, MG, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel and rheumatoid arthritis warrior daily fighting my own body,
I’m not alone,
many suffer from fighting their own bodies,
I’m writing this wrong for us,
we are unstoppable,
fearless and brave,
to pain,
we won’t be a slave,
long as I live,
I’ll never be silenced,
hushed or stopped,
fellow fighters,
this one is for us all,
heads up,
stand tall,
I got me and love y’all…
end piece
Gena Storm 6-10-2016 ©

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