My Pain Is Not My Tomb by Da Accordionistical

Went to bed around 1am up before six
Putting away the candle sticks
Looking out the window of the ocean view
Reminiscing of you and how we use to do
All I remember is landing in Rome
Trying to get to a telephone
Cell still saying roam
When I did call nobody is home
Now im feeling all alone
Peep this if I could just make one wish
It will be to tell you this everyone is off my list
Starting from the bottom to the top
acting like they care just need to stop
Smiling in my face
Want to take my place
Don’t you know this isn’t some kind of foot race?
I must admit I did things that was far from good taste
Wasn’t even close to being in grace
Rolling in the hood
Up to no good
Looking for a quick hit
Had to come to an end
Lost all my friends
Yeah that was back then
Gains of sand hitting my face from the breeze
Pushing me down to my knees
Was it all a mistake?
Just at that moment I awake
Reaching over to feel me next to you
When I see a blood stain sheet and some one standing over you
Screaming voice familiar I heard it before
I rolled over only to fall limp to the floor
Vision of you walking out the door
As the air pushed your scent to my nose
A ghostly figure arose

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