More Than Enough (Yes, I talk to myself! Part 6) by Lemons and Lavender

More Than Enough

We need to hype ourselves up! No comparisons to others but to who you used to be or who you want to be. Celebrate when you look at who you used to be and who you are now. Look forward to taking a step every day toward that person you are working hard to be. Celebrate every small step forward.

We have to talk to ourselves! Tell yourself who you are and who you are capable of being. You know…that superstar. The winner. A beautiful being. This confidence may seem like just your opinion …that is all you need to carry you through.

You may have to put some force behind it when you tell yourself who you are, but do it! Don’t be subtle about it. When you need a push…be your hype man. Don’t be gentle, not this time.

Lemons and Lavender
Seeing Growth

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