Make Today Great by Emmanuel Brown

Make Today Great.


We have 24 hours each day, which is the same as 1440 minutes, which is the same as 86400 seconds. We sometimes take our time for granted but we do not know if we have another day, hour, minute, or second left. Any moment could be our last.

I was recently reminded to make the most of my moments in life because each one of those moments will never be replaced. Once time has passed, it becomes history and we can try to recover that time but we will never be able to.

One of my co-workers, that is just 3 years older than me, was in the intensive care unit at the hospital for the last month and his wife sent all of his co-workers a text message stating that he was no longer in the intensive care unit – she also gave us his visiting information so that we could go see him. The next morning we received another text message that told us that our co-worker had passed away.

We see too many “gone too soons”, “RIPs”, or “Rest in heavens” to take time anything less than seriously. Not only could we be gone tomorrow, but the same could be said for our loved ones. There is no way to take back bad moments, arguments, or situations once a person is gone and all of the chances to apologize go away with that person.

We need to tell people that we love them more often, show our appreciation, support one another, say what we mean, and mean what we say. Good memories seem to be better than bad ones, in my opinion, and I think it is best to remember the best situations as opposed to regretting the worst.


We can only dream about the things that could have been if we allowed our opportunity to pass.

It’s much easier to:

  • Start that business that we want while we are motivated
  • Write that book that we want to write while our story is clear
  • Take that class while the class is available
  • Marry that woman or man while they are still single.

Sometimes fear is the reason that chances are not taken, but most of the time it is procrastination and complacency that stands in the way. Procrastination is waiting around for just a few seconds to watch the world pass us by because we are not taking chances when the time allows us to, and complacency is staying in uncomfortable situations that we are accustomed to that will keep us in uncomfortable situations that we are accustomed to.

Some chances only appear for certain reasons or certain seasons, so we must remember that before the season or reason disappears.


There are definitely some differences between following the head and following the heart, but there are times that they both are the exact same thing. It is very possible to do things out of love, that makes sense.

There is nothing wrong with putting the heart, passion, mind, body, and soul into things that we want or things that we do. Putting everything into it usually feels better also, so moments are not wasted doing things that really don’t matter.

There is not enough time in life to procrastinate, hold grudges, limit ourselves, or defeat our own purposes. We have so much to live for, but we have no idea how long we have to live for things. The things I am talking about at this moment are not material things… I am talking about our loved ones, our passions, our visions, and the things that hold a place in our hearts.

We must:

  • Make the most of every moment
  • Make every moment count
  • Make sure that we live our lives to the fullest extent
  • Make sure we say what we really need to say
  • Make sure we count every blessing and appreciate those blessings because we never know how long we will have them.
  • Make sure we take those chances
  • Make sure we follow our heart

Much love to each and every person reading this and please do the following: finish your tasks as quickly as possible, go home, hug your families and tell them that you love them.

– Seeing Growth –

Emmanuel Brown
Each One Reach One
Seeing Growth

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