Loving The Bad Parts by Emmanuel Brown

For every force there is an equally powerful opposing force: For every positive, there is a negative and for every good thing there is a bad thing.

Having a positive outlook and looking for the good in situations can be productive and will assist us in blessing ourselves with the best things in life, but we can contradict ourselves if we overlook the fact that there are negative things that we have to deal with and that there are bad parts in situations also. We can’t focus strictly on the things that are, can, or will go wrong but we have to accept them to be able to get the most of the positive and good things in life.

The negative and bad parts will continue to be just what they are in our lives until we spend some time focusing on them. The bad and negative parts are still individual parts of us and we have to give these parts of our attention just like every other part. The bad will continue to be bad, the negative will continue to be negative, and they will get worse until we take the time to face them with the same love and dedication that we face pleasant things with.

Whatever the negative aspect is, we have to accept it and look deeply enough to find out where these aspects come from and what causes them. We have to look at them honestly and love those negative parts to heal and correct them. This might take time and soul searching, but our happiness is worth at least that.

We can strengthen the positives in our lives by being aware of the negatives. When we hide the negative feelings they fester and attack positive areas in our lives because they stay closer to us than positive possibilities. We have to eliminate the obstacles that we face from within to grow inside and out.

Continue to grow.

Emmanuel Brown
Each One Reach One
Seeing Growth

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