Love Them Anyway by Emmanuel Brown

Sometimes, people are unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered. LOVE THEM ANYWAY!!! This statement could be looked at from several different ways, but let’s put us in the place of these unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered people.

There are times in life when we seem to run into brick walls by trying to communicate with people. No matter what we say or do will not make any sense to them and nothing that they say or do makes sense to us. Even though we might feel like we are at the end of our rope with a person it is important for us to LOVE THEM ANYWAY!!!

There is no way for us to know everything that is going in this person’s life at the time and there is no way for us to truly know how this person is feeling at the moment that they are giving us such a hard time. There are some situations that we feel so strongly about that we refuse to bow, bend, break, or even compromise. This doesn’t mean that we are being unreasonable, it just means that we believe in the stance that we have taken and that we will continue to feel this way no matter what anyone else has to say. This is part of being true to ourselves and we cannot allow anyone to have us telling lies to ourselves to make someone else feel better. We have to give that same respect that we would like to receive, to that unreasonable person, because they don’t feel that they are being unreasonable at all. Or maybe they are being unreasonable, but they want to stand firm on their beliefs. We would be unreasonable if we attempted to stop anyone from standing strong for something that they truly believe in. Accept that unreasonable person and LOVE THEM ANYWAY!!!

There are times when we don’t want to be bothered so we withdraw from the world. When we do this we might call it getting clarity, or taking a break. If someone is on the outside looking in they might think that our decisions don’t make any sense, but our decisions make all of the sense in the world to us. It wouldn’t be right for anyone to tell us that what we are thinking is illogical. If the inventors of a few everyday things weren’t defying what other people thought was logical, I wouldn’t be able to share my illogical thoughts with people from all over the world. There isn’t anything in the world that is done that makes sense until someone takes the time to do it. So when people are being illogical in your eyes LOVE THEM ANYWAY!!!

There is no way for us to be strong for anyone if we can’t be strong for ourselves. I tell people all of the time, that I am a man before I am anything else. We can’t be strong, supportive parents if we aren’t strong, supportive men and women. We have to think about ourselves in order to build our character and see growth through our children. There is no way that we can function unless we think about ourselves sometimes, although we might need assistance from time to time. Most of our lives are centered on ourselves. Keep that in mind when that cocky and arrogant person is being self-centered and LOVE THEM ANYWAY!!!

The world would not have survived as long as it has if we didn’t have unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered people. To hate these people would make us all of these things but worse because we know that we all have these characteristics inside of us. So the next time we run across one of these unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered people, we should LOVE THEM ANYWAY!!!

Emmanuel Brown
Seeing Growth
Each One Reach One

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