Looking Out The Window by Emmanuel Brown

I found myself looking out the window and realized that it’s been a while since I have written anything about myself and that is probably because I know that I have fallen short in a few areas, but I have become accustomed to being perfectly imperfect. This is one of the reasons why I speak on faults that I see in myself to get my point across and then try to keep it moving so that I don’t have to explain or defend myself to people who are also perfectly imperfect.

I can put myself out there through my words because this is my way of coming clean, and I admit my bogus attributes so that I can become a little less judgmental of others since I could be stoned to death if I was judged for my worst. Hopefully, my example is followed by others and they are able to hold themselves accountable instead of trying to condemn everyone else.

I could sit in a chair looking out the window all day and tell the world what everyone else is doing wrong, but I think clearly enough to understand that watching the world turn is also watching my world stand still.

I hope that makes sense because I sometimes have a way of miscommunicating my ideas and here comes the corrections or the stones to break a bone or two.

Emmanuel Brown
Each One Reach One
Seeing Growth

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