Last Time I’ll Entertain the Pain by Writing a Sad Poem by Tiffany Willis

No Baby, I did not CRY for you
I screamed for you
I changed for you
I smiled through pain
And rained
Out tears for you
Cry is an understatement for what I went through
I didn’t just love you
I climbed through darkness and
Conquered fears for you
I held your hand
And suffered through years for you
No longer will I entertain the pain of you
No more standing on the edge
Jumping through insanity for you
No more dying this slow death
Called a marriage for you
The bittersweet taste of poison will no
Longer stain my existence
And I will no longer stroke
Your so called bruised ego
I’m loosening the rope
Of what you call love
And no longer ending my life for you
Don’t need to search my days looking
For a better version of you
No more emotional heart attacks
Waking up cold and lonely reaching
Out for you
Trying to please
And wanting to believe
This union was meant to be
I can now breathe
Live a love that’s meant for me
This smile is for me
This body, mind, and soul
Will heal for me
This heart no longer beats for you
This spirit no longer waits for you
You weren’t worth the time and dedication
I put into you
I will no longer entertain the pain by
Writing another sad poem for you
Now I can honestly say
We’re through

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