Just Do It! – Did You Start?

Did you start what you promised yourself, promised someone else, or are you going to start tomorrow? If you are going to start tomorrow, is tomorrow really yesterday or the day before that?

There are reasons why we don’t start things.

Sometimes we just can’t do it or make it happen.

We have personal obligations like family and work or other personal things that are priorities to us. These types of situations are difficult because we put our needs or happiness on hold for other things and this can cause regret later on in life. We have to remember this when we say that we will do something tomorrow because we feel like we can’t since we have other priorities. We also have to remember that our needs are a priority for us and that we should always try to prioritize things in ways that help us to meet all our needs. WE CAN NOT BE STRONG FOR ANYONE WHEN WE ARE NOT STRONG FOR US!

Having financial obligations or difficulties is another reason for not starting things and probably one of the biggest reasons that we stand still without moving forward. Actually, we are not completely still, we are just moving in the same circle over and over again. We will continue the cycle of bill after bill if we don’t do something different because we are not changing anything about the situation. The bills don’t seem to stop us from getting that extra-large caramel latte with whip cream or that pack of cigarettes. Sometimes, we could just give up those things once in a while to use those finances to make a small change that alters the circle that we are moving in just slightly. SACRIFICES MUST BE MADE!

There are other times that we want to do things that we are not physically able to do, so we just forget the whole thing. We don’t take a moment or two to ask for help, we don’t trust others to help us for whatever reason, or we just want to do it all on our own. The problem is that we don’t get started and we need to start SOMEWHERE! SOMEPLACE IS USUALLY BETTER THAN NO PLACE!

I know that we all have it in us to start as soon as we finish reading this because the thought of reading these 400 words was the start of doing something that we wanted to do.

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