Is It Always Good To Keep A Closed Mouth? by Emmanuel Brown

A closed mouth can’t be fed……
But an open mouth can be fed something stank…… (correct spelling)

Speaking our peace and asking for what we want is fine in some cases, but we need to learn when to keep our mouths closed. Sometimes people want us to ask them for things so that they can hold these things over our heads; sometimes people want us to speak when they have made us mad or have put us under pressure; sometimes people want us to talk to show that we have no clue of what we are talking about.

We don’t owe explanations, the air we breathe, or a second thought to people unless we want to give things up.

Never speak unless you want to speak and make sure you think before any words come out of your mouth.

If it’s not too much trouble, go ahead and reuse this message by sending it to your friends and family.

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