I Must Confess by Emmanuel Brown

No one is perfect and I proved that point today when I decided to have a fight and ended up having to jump the guy. So I guess calling myself a coward would be very accurate in this case.

I guess I could try to justify the situation by saying that I was defending myself since the same guy has been giving me issues for many years. I guess you can call him the bully and maybe you can call me weak because I can’t seem to beat him by myself. No matter how hard I try or what weapons I use, I cannot beat this guy alone.

The bad part about it is that I know that this bully picks on many people besides me and probably beat them down in the same way when they try to fight him alone.

It might not be important, but I would like to tell you one of the many names this is bully goes by. One of his favorite aliases is the devil.

Every time that I feel like I’m getting ahead, here comes this guy. I really can’t stand the punk and that is one of the reasons why I call on a friend that is much stronger than me to fight him.

For a while, this bully has battered and bruised me with a weapon called doubt over and over and over and over again. Today my friend sent some people to me that I’ve known for years and other people that have had my back, to help me defeat the bully with a weapon called faith. Guess what? We literally put the bats on this bully today by using this weapon called faith.

No matter what your struggle is and no matter how much you feel defeated, you can win your battles by using faith.

Please remember that and have a wonderful day.

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