Happy Mother’s Day I Love You

Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.

This Mother’s Day will be unlike any that most of us have ever experienced. Some big differences in the way that we will celebrate this Mother’s Day are the ways that we express our love. Many things will play a major role in Mother’s Day celebrations across the world.

These are just obstacles and we can still show the mothers in our lives that they mean the world to us like we always have. We still love other mothers and the mothers involved in our lives, even through the challenges that we are facing with the Corona Virus (COVID-19).

We can use the phone, that is probably in our hand, to make phone calls or utilize one of the many video apps to express our appreciation and love. We don’t have to allow self-isolation and quarantine to completely isolate us or quarantine our emotions. Just a simple “Happy Mother’s Day. I Love You” might be all that can be given and it might be a perfect gift during this pandemic.

That same “Happy Mother’s Day. I Love You” might be a solution for travel restrictions and delayed deliveries. It might not be possible to travel freely or send a gift overnight, but love doesn’t need an airplane or a tracking number to be proven.

We can still have virtual dinners with our loved ones, since we can’t sit down in our favorite restaurants and we don’t need to wear a mask to do this. We have the tools to cook dinner, pick up dinner, have dinner delivered, video call Mom and have a conversation with her while following proper Social Distancing. We can even save a little money from what we would have spent at the restaurant by eating at home.

We love the Mother’s in our lives and one of the best ways to show that love is by doing our best to keep them safe so that we have more Mother’s Day to share with them and maybe we should take this time to think about the fact that every day should be Mother’s Day. Coronavirus doesn’t care that it’s Mother’s Day, but we do and no pandemic should ever hold so much power that we allow it to feel like we can’t give our all to the Mothers in our lives.

Enjoy this Mother’s Day 2020


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