Fake Ex Friend by Gena Storm Spoken Word Freestylist

I’m not capable of fake love,
I don’t comprehend,
how do people fake kick it?
my face won’t allow
a fake smile,
I’ve been this way for quite awhile…
ever since I learned that guarding one’s gate is a necessity
I’ve been diligent in doing so,
ridding myself of toxic people, food, energy and vibes daily,
protecting this lady,
my social media activity,
what I watch on t.v. and what I intake or read…
cautious about who I allow to pray for me since most prey on me
that’s crucial,
I’m extraordinary,
not what you’re used to,
picky with an amazing pallet,
super heightened sense of smell and excellent hearing all overcompensating for whatever is lacking…
forget Elm Street’s nightmare
it’s me you should fear,
one flip of the switch and I’m poker face cool while I peel you,
wrapping your body’s skin inside out to cover you again,
taking time to organ remove and every bone broken at least once…
false words spoken to me makes me furious,
lack of supervision,
human anatomy is fascinating to say the least and you’ve outright lied to me,
I’m viewing you as a rabbit that’s silly,
it’s laughable, really…
roasting your remains over an open fire,
trying not to giggle,
you’ve been missing in action since trying to snake me,
hiding is recommended
my ability to chill has ended,
collecting the ashes to be used as fertilizer for the rosebush
I’ll plant later…
trying my relationship was expected,
my savagery is legendary and beyond scary,
only my methods for disposal of body parts vary plus
having it come from a so called “friend” wasn’t anticipated,
that’s the part I’ve hated,
blocked on social media hasn’t kept you from reading my poetry,
if you could read my mind,
you’d be in tears,
embrace your future and to Hell with yo fears…
Gena Storm 9-18-2019©

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