Dreams and Reality By Emmanuel Brown

We all want the best that life has to offer and we have the opportunity to get just that when we give life the best that we have to offer.

We can sit around dreaming of the things that we desire, the things that we could do to obtain them, and what we would do if we obtained them. We might just be able to see some progress in the dream that we are having and live happily ever after until we wake up to the reality of the fact that we were just dreaming. We were sleeping, we were immobile, we did not do anything to get closer to the things that dreams are made of, and we settled for things remaining a dream. We are too at ease when we are dreaming and our mind is so focused on what could happen that we are not taking action to make sure that things will happen.

We could also have a vision of our dream and actually take control of the outcome. Instead of dreaming of the things that are desired, the things that could be done to obtain them, what would be done if they are obtained, and settling for things remaining a dream. We could actually open our eyes wide enough to really know all about our dreams, work towards obtaining them, prepare for the things we will do when our dreams become reality, and settle for nothing less than making our dreams something real.

We will not reach every goal or make every dream come true because we tried, but we will not reach any goals at all and our desires will remain dreams if all we do is dream. There is nothing wrong with dreaming about life unless we want our dreams to become a part of life. Take action and just do it. Dreams can become reality.

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Emmanuel Brown
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