Don’t Turn Back by Emmanuel Brown

Most of us have taken steps forward in life and left behind memories of some times that we lived life at less than our best. Not only did we not meet our own expectations, we sometimes disappointed those that meant the most to us – including ourselves. We have overcome situations that became simple for us to participate in, to grow beyond them into situations that are more challenging, frustrating, and demanding. It sometimes seems like everything that can go wrong does go wrong when we are doing things the right way and that it would be much easier to go back to living as we once did.

Anything that is worth having is worth the effort that it takes to obtain it, maintain it, and help it grow. We will not obtain anything that we have not obtained in the past by turning back, because we will go back to a time when we will see nothing new because there is nothing new. We will not maintain the things that we have in life by turning back, because the things that we have today were not made for yesterday. We are not growing by turning back, because turning back means that we have to adapt to living our life at less than 100% since the person that we were 5 years ago is only a part of the person we are today.

Living day-to-day life is not always easy, but turning back to a point where we once lived will not make life any easier because we will begin living our life with the struggles that we once faced and overcame. The struggles that we overcome in life do not grow, we grow beyond them and face a few new struggles that we are capable of overcoming because we become a little bit stronger when we face our challenges. Challenges make us who we are, but we have the power to make challenges magically turn into opportunities.

Even when we feel like we have suffered losses, we have to ask ourselves if we really suffered a loss or gained the knowledge to never suffer the same loss ever again. When we lose things either we weren’t careful or they were not meant for us to have at the time. Life is full of ups and downs, it is up to us to truly understand the difference.

Keep your eyes forward, there never has been and never will be anything new to see by looking back.

Emmanuel Brown
Each One Reach One
Seeing Growth

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