Do Good Anyway By Emmanuel Brown

Often, if you do good, people will think you are selfish and have ulterior motives. DO GOOD ANYWAY!!! I’m sure that we can all relate to these types of things in our daily lives, but sometimes other people seem to be our greatest obstacles.

We all face situations where we take the proper steps and do everything for the right reasons, but we run into issues with people. Sometimes these are the people who are the closest to us, the people who say they love us, and the people who say that they are there for us through thick and thin. No matter who these people are, there will always be issues when people question your integrity. To be more precise, there will be some serious problems when people question your word and your actions since these are the only parts of you that cannot be altered or changed after it is given. These words are for the leadership roles that we all must play from time to time, so our focus will be to do good for our team; whether our team is family, friends, co-workers, or someone who is on a team that you are a part of.

Some people are defensive by nature and when someone questions their motives they tend to take issues personally. I am a firm believer in teamwork and delegation, and that everyone has a role that they have to live up to on a daily basis. Sometimes the roles we play might seem insignificant, but when they are combined with the roles that others play we begin to realize that we would not have had a pleasant outcome without all of the small roles that everyone else has played. When we are dealing with teamwork, we have to think about the team as a whole and the goals that our teams are striving to reach. There will always be questions about who’s goal we are actually striving to reach, but we need to ignore the negativity and keep striving. Even when people question a good deed, DO GOOD ANYWAY!!!

When we do something for the good of a group of people we will see rewards also, but that doesn’t mean that we are being selfish or that we have ulterior motives. It just means that some things are done to benefit everyone, and since the input of each person is a little different the outcome will be different also. There is no way to make sure that all of the good that we do is clearly seen by everyone, and that is because of the roles that people play. So we must remember that some people can have feelings of jealousy or envy because they can’t see the entire picture clearly. When people feel like they are being cheated, they sometimes react in negative and sometimes destructive ways. These ways could be slanderous accusations, mutiny, or abandoning the struggle. Since we are all leaders working towards a good cause, we have to sometimes overlook these things and DO GOOD ANYWAY!!!

As leaders, we must be able to overlook (but never ignore) all of the issues that threaten to stop us from doing something that is good for everyone on our team. We have to remember to do good for everyone, and since we are playing the role of a leader we have to make sure that every teammate is focused on the good of the entire team and not our ulterior motives. We have to make the time available to listen to everyone on our team because it is impossible for everyone to continue to focus on their roles if they feel alienated. It is very important for the entire team to know that they are heard that their concerns are also our concerns. It is not necessary for all issues to be solved immediately, but they should be addressed immediately and steps should be taken to make the issues disappear. This might slow us down a little, but in order for us to continue doing good, we have to be good in all ways. DO GOOD ANYWAY!!!

The importance of doing good for the people who are important to us is the focus, and that should be enough motivation to continue doing good regardless to what anyone else has to say. If someone we love thinks that we don’t have their best interests in mind, show them that we do and DO GOOD ANYWAY!!! If someone who doesn’t have your best interest in mind thinks that you are being selfish and that you have ulterior motives tell them “I Guess I’m Just Plain Selfish – Maybe You Can Help Me Too” and DO GOOD ANYWAY!!

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Emmanuel Brown
Each One Reach One
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