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Allisha Jones - Pickens

Author, Motivational Speaker, Youth Mentor, Playwright, Director and Owner of Gifted Hands Boutique.

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Angel Ayes

I am a professional sistah who continously strive to be my very best in all I do, in all I say, and in each performance of kindness and service I give. I am a wife, mother, aunt, sister, and friend.

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Angel Cookie Gray Ash

Angel Cookie Gray Ash shares messages about the Foundations of Life /The beginning of a new start and Making Changes Feel Free to comment as Long as its Positive and Constructive. Angel is not about Judgement or Condemnation, she’s about uplifting and support.

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Angie Brown

Incredible Woman

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Da Accordionistical

I will share knowledge, scribes and peace to help anyone deal with their own inner demons..and may you too find peace and your true purpose for being.

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DaKiara’s writing journey began years ago when she was a child herself. She used it to escape the world, and she used it as a voice for others. Her passion for writing was sparked even more from participating in oratorical competitions in church conventions which her God Mother encouraged her to do. When she and her husband lost 2 of their children at early ages it was hard for DaKiara to deal with the pain so she went back to what she knew and that was writing to ease her pain. Writing she realized was her therapy and she realized that it could benefit others too. Far too often people think they are okay and they don’t need to talk about their pain, she lets everyone know they aren’t alone. As a tribute to her children, her pen name is a combination of her two Angels.

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Mind Flow Publishing & Production LLC

DaKiara The Author & Poet

DaKiara's Casual Corner

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Eddie Woods

The best part of life is living, learning and exploring. I’ve heard that the richest place in the world is the grave yard, so many people die with so much in them to do, write, sing, play etc… Do everything God made you to do.

So with that being said, I’ve decided to share my journey with you… my peoples. Anything else you want to know ask…

Dominion Designs
Owner and Founder
Remnant Outreach Ministries International – TV

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Remnant Outreach Ministries International - TV
Emmanuel Brown

Founder of Seeing Growth and Label Me Royalty.

Spreading Positive Vibes… One person at a time!!!

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Gena Storm

Gena Storm has been writing since the age of 12, but the persona Gena Storm was not born until 2010 when a tragic event of betrayal gave her time to freestyle and perform her first open mic event. This is when the Storm took over and began writing wrongs in her life from that moment on. Gena Storm has never read recited a piece that she has written… Freestylist became her was after that first open mic. Even the poems you are reading are typed as it comes and then…… POST!!! Gena Storm has the vision of being seen on a national level, her poetry being published, her cd nominated for a Spoken Word Billboard Award and Grammy and a tour worldwide. Gena is a Host at Ski Vision Network and a Spoken word artist at Gena Storm Spoken Word Freestylist.

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Jeannette Jaycei Collins

A woman on the path; chosen by God to see growth EVERYDAY!!!

I am a simple person who enjoys the simple things in life. I am a home body who enjoys being around family and friends. I enjoy the challenges in life because I really believe that they come to make you strong and to prepare you to bring others out of the battles that we ourselves have won.

I am happy being me, as I look back over my life it has not always been easy, yet I am still standing! Praise the Lord!!!!

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Lemons and Lavender

Lemons and Lavender

I am a blogger. A mom of 3 sons. It has not been easy raising military brats, but I tell you that I have fallen deeper in love with them by the minute. One has graduated college with his Bachelors, works as a firefighter and behavior health technician with autistic children and is heading back for his Masters after a small break. My middle son is going into his third year of college. My last little guy is currently being home-schooled and we are having a blast!! Although 2 of my boys are grown and doing their thing, we remain a tightly-knit family. Blogging about my life and struggles and my wins was definitely a dream of mine.

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Minister Alecia Hudson

Minister Alecia Hudson is a young, sought out, prolific preacher and teacher whom loves to sing and …Teach about her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. She is the founder and CEO of Hudson Ministry. Over the years, Alecia has served as a youth and assistant pastor in various churches. During this time, she has been blessed with the opportunity to preach the eternal Gospel of Christ at Women’s, youth, and even Men’s conferences. Alecia comes equipped with a uniquely distinct style of delivering her message.

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Our Shining Stars Foundation

Charity organization giving hope to the community one family at a time focusing on Seniors, foster kids, homeless citizens, Veterans, low-income families, and especially our youth.

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Pat Trishvision Brown

Artist, Poetess, Mother, Grand Mother, and friend to many.
I like to enjoy life. Tomorrow isn’t promised.

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Prophetess Alice Williams

MsAlice WIlliams

I gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which I must stop and look fear in the face...I say to myself, I've lived through this and can take the next thing that comes along. GOD is my 1st love, I am a soul winner for Christ... #KingdomBusiness

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Shelly L. Queenie Johnson

Shelly L. Queenie Johnson’s mission to inspire, uplift and encourage, that’s it, we are all about love and compassion and keeping it peaceful and Christ-like. Please enjoy and be especially blessed.
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Soulful Expressions by Bren

Sharing my passion for spiritual growth, graphic design, poetry, and soulful inspiration.

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Starlene Mathis

My words bout me: I am a real sweet person wit so much love for me! LOL

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Stephanie Starr Jones

If you know me, even a little, you will know that my passion is creating music. I am mastering the art of recording engineering. I WILL be Producer of the Year one day.

I am the CEO of Guiding Light Music Productions, LLC, and the Founder and President of Successful Women, a non-profit organization.

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I am a woman with old school values. Loves old school music. I am kind-hearted, good listener, advisor, fun-loving, affectionate, sports fanatic, compassionate, supportive, creative, health-conscious, study herbology, family-oriented, and a novelty collector.

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Tiffany "ChocBear" Willis

I recognize my faults.. some of them I’m trying to change, some of them I’ve accepted.. But I love me for exactly who I am. And that’s a beautiful thing.

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Unique Solid Foundation

A new emerging Minster’s voice of the last days that allows her ministry to be dedicated to all people. Her life mission is having the ability to intercede, serve, inspire, and personally minister to the hurting, healing, and deliverance through encouraging others with God’s Word and implanting of wholeness and discipleship and to bring a better understanding to the nations.

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