Communication by Emmanuel Brown

Communication is only a word in the dictionary if we refuse to use the tools to make this word an action.

We sometimes believe that talking at a person, yelling at them, speaking over their head, or just controlling a conversation is what communication is all about. These things are forms of communication, but when we communicate in these ways we usually end up communicating with an empty room. When we control an entire situation, we can cut off the lines of communication with the other person or people that we are speaking to; because the other person or people sometimes close their ears, their hearts, and their minds to everything that we have said.

Good communication is only possible when there are two or more people involved. This means that we have to learn when to shut our mouths and open our ears. We can’t expect to get anything of value from our communications if we are the only people that are allowed to talk all the time. When we ask a question, we should allow the other person to give us a complete answer and this means that we can not cut the other person off in the middle of their answer or ask another question before they get a chance to answer the first one.

We must remember that we learn more when we are quiet, observant, and listening.

How could we ever learn anything, if we constantly run our mouths a mile a minute and listen once a year?

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