Comfort and Safety by Emmanuel Brown

The only true safety or comfort zones exist in living a life that is true to who we really are. Even when we feel safe with a friendship, relationship, or set of circumstances, someone else’s truth or something unexpected might trigger feelings that can erase all traces of the safety and comfort that we once felt. Safety and comfort are feelings or states of mind, and we have control over our feelings of safety and comfort just like every other state of mind or mood that we have.

We must open our mind, body, and soul to create our own feelings of true safety and comfort. In order to have personal feelings of safety, we have to stop attempting to control things, trying to be right at all times, and trying to be completely safe. When we are in a comfort zone, we feel that things are the only way that they could ever be.

We must remember to be adaptable by accepting, adjusting, and making changes within our comfort zones even though our comfort zones shrink in size with “age” or “experience”. With age and experience we become more careful, sometimes too accepting of current situations, and forget how to separate different aspects of life that we come across. This carefulness can sometimes cause us to become less open-minded and complacent at times because we want to maintain the situations that we feel most comfortable in.

Some comfort zones are great to have, but we also have negative comfort zones that defeat our own purposes and we will fight to keep these negative situations a part of our reality. What we think about all day and what we expect, positive or negative, is our comfort zone and we feel safe within this zone for whatever our personal reasons might be.

Becoming too comfortable, accepting, or closed-minded can cause us to remain in the same stage of life by placing mental barriers in our lives that block our paths to any form of change because we accept the point in life that we are in. The bad part of this type of comfort is that the world is continuously growing and changing, so we can find that the world is growing around us while we are sitting still.

Although we all love familiar things, we do not always love the boundaries that our comfort and safety create for us. When we see that we are not moving forward we should try to move closer to the edges of our comfort zone and continue to do so even when we begin to feel a bit shaky and unsure of ourselves. We only grow by stretching our boundaries.

Attempt to grow today, even if it feels a little uncomfortable or maybe unsafe.

Emmanuel Brown
Seeing Growth
Each One Reach One

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