Bucking The System by Emmanuel Brown

Bucking the system and going against the grain is necessary to stand out in a crowd at times, but other times it will put us right back in the crowd we are trying to show our individuality in and stand out of. It’s not the act of being different or taking our own routes that keep us in general population or in a population that is frowned upon, it is when we buck the system for no reason other than being rebellious that this usually happens.

What is the purpose for causing issues and bringing problems to ourselves when there is nothing to gain? Why should we put ourselves in a position to take a loss if we have no chance at gaining anything except ill feelings and maybe an enemy or 2? The bumps and bruises of being unique are enough to cause us pain, but the pain is worth it when we are able to really stand out instead of being stereotypical, an outcast, or a troublemaker with no purpose.

We sometimes confuse the words rebellion and spite, when we attempt to make changes to the way things are being done. Rebellion is simply going against something that we don’ believe in with an end result in mind, but spite is going against something for the purpose of revenge or because we are upset. Is there really any gain from revenge or acting out of anger? In most cases, there aren’t any gains except headaches from the problem that anger cause.

We have to ask the questions. What’s the purpose? What’s the gain? Is there a purpose? Is there a gain? Am I bucking the system? Am I bucking myself? If we chose to rebel we should always know who and what it is that we are rebelling against, and make sure we are not rebelling against our self our own benefit. Rebellion against ourselves is not rebellion at all, it is self-destruction and bucking our own system.

When we buck the system we need to make sure that we are willing to hang on for the ride for as long as we can, instead of dropping off immediately full of bumps and bruises.

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