Breaking Off Me by Eddie Woods

True Love well I’ve been in love a time or two Feel love it feels good till the love is through
Known love never really knew if they were loving me back
They were in pain so the hurt they felt, ended up hurting me back
So I guess it’s true, hurting people hurt people
You can give your all but they won’t see past their broken pieces
Knowing all that I’ve done to try to make things work
At first I thought it unfair just to except their hurt
Then bitterness stepped in and lies from within
The torn pieces of my dignity now hiding my shame with a grin
The words spoken lies to cover up the truth
Reality sets in and now I bare the fruit
Thinking that nobody could love or reciprocate my feelings
Losing sight of the Father and all I see is my feelings
He’s calling me but I’m running
He’s reaching out and I’m turning
From His love which is forever to my lust which only lasts a moment
In a dark place looking like no way to get out
In a tomb my own dug grave and not letting me out
For the pain has become my only type of connection
And if I let that go I let go of our connection
In a dark place time and time again
Lord I need your strength to get up out of this
So caught up in these lies
Busy staring at her thighs
Thinking her comfort will make forget the pain inside
But instead of that I feel more pain because of that
A new connection I’m stressing to get up out of it.
Lord I need your strength and your goodness
I need your mercy and grace
I need you power from within
Show me Lord your face
Your Kingdom is within me
Your Love is always near
Forgive me from running away
Led away by my fear.
I knew you once now I feel it’s just a shadow
Of a love once hallowed, replaced by something hollow
My heart has been used so much,
Lied to and abused so much
Now I need to remember Your touch
Just to find that
That loving embrace that’s heavenly
That comfort physical, mental and spiritually
Father be my everything
The one loving me

Holding and keeping me to the standards that’s you’ve designed for me.

I’m letting go of all the pains in my life

And I’m letting go of all the bitterness and strife

And I know I’ve said this before

But Lord I’m making amends

Father from my heart to Yours

I bow down I repent

…. I’m letting go….

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